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I can provide custom design ORIGINAL imagery in a wide variety of media.......
Here is a sample of client work from yr.2000---->

DISCLAIMER: The images in this portfofio are the property of Fiona Thorning Design and are for Web browser viewing only. Any other usage, including duplication, is prohibited by copyright law. The items in this E-folio reflect a small sample of work. For a more detailed portfolio please e-mail fionathorning@optusnet.com.au Include company information and project details.


Pastel Illustration


"Siren" - Mixed Media

Portrait Photography and Image Manipulation

Business cards

Etching - 'Muezziman takes Spot for a walk'.

Pastel Illustration

Acrylic on canvas.

Digital Photography

Logo Design

Pencil Illustration

Ceramic Detail/Photosilkscreen underglaze/Gold lustre glaze/3rd fire/

Boab Gallery

Ceramic Urn/ 84cm.h

"Cowboy Diary" - Digital Illustration

Calendar Design

Tin and Merchandise Design

"Cowboy Diary" - Conte Illustration

"Cowboy Diary" - Digital Illustration

Web Design

"City Story" - Lithograph

"Crash Salon" - Event Promotion /Invitation

Ceramic sculpture (with moveable figures), photographed and placed in created digital scene

"Plugman" - Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

"Millennium Diary" - Illustration


Images Copyright.Fiona Thorning.2000